Tuesday, April 22, 2014

9 Figures + 1 watercolor head

***Pictures Updated - Apr 23rd.

All the figures, except one, are the produce of one evening's hurried work. I worked on a few details in the next evening, because I wasn't happy.  Even though the outcome is less than satisfactory, I guess I can't post the better ones only - this is a journey of stops and starts after all. Same with the watercolor portrait study below... no excuses for sloppy work!

Each set in 15" x 22" (half sheet) paper, using a variety of dry media - conte, hard and soft pastels, cretacolor lead. Please click to view in actual size.






Ref image by kind courtesy of John Logan from Deviantart.

6. 11" x 15", watercolor on handmade paper (reverse of textured side used).

Ref image by kind courtesy of Gairm (H.) in Deviantart.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Just a small update

Just a small update of three studies... Ref sources given below as usual.

1. 15" x 11", watercolor on handmade paper (using this medium after a while).

2. A3 size, pastel on paper, preliminary study for possible future acrylic.

3. A3 size, quick pastel study on paper

Ref images by kind courtesy of
1. Hannah (hannad69 on deviantart)
2. Karl Lewis (kjlewis on deviantart)
3. Unknown ref source - my heartiest gratitude to all three for helping extend my learning.