Friday, March 30, 2012

Trying out tinted paper

This is not something I do normally, i.e. draw on tinted paper. I think the last one I did was this cast ref study. I used to think that drawing on tinted paper is like neglecting to learn the middle values, but I'm prepared to revise my opinion now. This is obviously a skill-set that needs be developed over time, and my usual slap-dash approach won't work since there's an enormous amount of subtlety involved in effectively using that mid-value tint. Also, the whites and the blacks need be discretely placed, i.e. not blended together or one will end up with a ghastly mud! So that's another skill one has an opportunity to develop with this approach. However, in the long run, I don't feel this will be my cup of tea since I lack the kind of patient dedication that can lead to truly wonderful work with this surface - lets see...

10" x 13", white chalk and charcoal pencil on dark gray tinted paper.

Ref image by Catskills-stock in DA.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Horses - 2

The reason I keep posting these studies in what's essentially a human figure study blog is because, I'm fascinated by how much of an overlap studying horses is (in terms of interpreting structure, shape and form) with that of the human figure. I've hugely benefited from my studies on the latter. I used to draw horses as a kid, but after learning to draw humans a little bit in recent years, I can sense my horse drawings gaining an edge.

All on A3 size paper, combined. Please click to view at FULL size. Ref image by Breathless-dk in DA.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Studying vintage figure refs

All in A3 size paper using conte, charcoal pencil and pastels - with a moistened brush for harmonizing tones.










 As far as I know these images are from public domain. My gratitude nonetheless to the  photographers, models (esp, considering those less 'liberal' days) and to those who have made these available on the internet.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cast ref study of Old Master work (updated Apr 2, '12)

A3, a combination of charcoal pencil and conte. Watercolor for background. Referencing a work by Michelangelo,  pic was from Guist Gallery.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Figuring it out in pastels and watercolor

I was stranded with a bunch of useless (USELESS!) 'watercolor' paper. Its cheap, but they shouldn't have billed it as watercolor paper, for its useless for that purpose... the color is absorbed and fades out soon as it dries, sometimes almost immediately. And I have tried both sides with same effect. So, this began as an experimental still-life - fruits at the bottom left, having burned my watercolor hopes on a larger sheet previously, with the same disastrous results. And I'd have discarded the page altogether when I thought, the paper at least has a good texture, so why not try some 'dry' sketch on it. So here's what I ended up with - watersoluble pastels, washed over with plain water, and then some watercolor to finish it.

22" x 14", on 'watercolor' paper.

The w.i.p shots are added as well.

Ref image by Jon Mann (jonmann in DA)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Some modelling exercise...

A3, conte (plus watersoluble pencils for background etc.). Please view at FULL size.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cast ref study in conte (updated 16th Mar)

A3, sanguine conte (with some water-soluble pastel for background).

Ref: Venus de Medici, attributed to Greek sculptor Praxitelles, circa 4th Century BCE. The pic was from Guist Gallery.

Updated 14th Mar...

Partly digital... mostly conte though...

Friday, March 2, 2012

Form study in conte (updated 8th Mar)

A3, conte stick and pencil.

Ref image by Patric Shaw (vertigo-photography in DA).

Updated 8th Mar: And a few more from the same ref source... . A3, Conte.

Fixed some stance issues in the last one, as you can see from the faint pentimenti.

Discarded, cropped acrylic

Sometimes, things don't go the way you want... however much you want. I thought I'd post this discarded piece as well.

Original page dimension - 19" x 12", canvas paper (from top of head to hip). Medium - acrylic.

Ref image by Ava Bock (cerebralaperture in DA).