Saturday, March 17, 2012

Figuring it out in pastels and watercolor

I was stranded with a bunch of useless (USELESS!) 'watercolor' paper. Its cheap, but they shouldn't have billed it as watercolor paper, for its useless for that purpose... the color is absorbed and fades out soon as it dries, sometimes almost immediately. And I have tried both sides with same effect. So, this began as an experimental still-life - fruits at the bottom left, having burned my watercolor hopes on a larger sheet previously, with the same disastrous results. And I'd have discarded the page altogether when I thought, the paper at least has a good texture, so why not try some 'dry' sketch on it. So here's what I ended up with - watersoluble pastels, washed over with plain water, and then some watercolor to finish it.

22" x 14", on 'watercolor' paper.

The w.i.p shots are added as well.

Ref image by Jon Mann (jonmann in DA)

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