Friday, September 26, 2014

Figure Sketches from September ('14) - II

These are also (mostly) from September, on A3 size pages and using a host of dry media e.g. charcoal, compressed charcoal, conte, hard pastel etc.

Unless otherwise mentioned, the ref sources are unknown to me at this time, but as always... I'm sincerely grateful to the photographers/models for helping extend my learning - Many thanks!

The above three sketches reference the model posing in a figure-drawing demo video by A. Pijet on Youtube. Thank you!

The face looked over-worked and digustingly 'un-fresh'. So I blurred it :/


Figure sketches from September ('14)

A host of sketches made in September, using all kinds of dry media - charcoal, pastel, hard pastel, compressed charcoal, etc.

Refs are from Croquis Cafe artist resources ( Many thanks!


Friday, September 5, 2014

Sculpture study, plus...

I may be adding more to this particular thread... but for now, here's a charcoal/graphite study of a sculpture. This is from the Buenos Aires Botanical Gardens at Argentina.

A2, charcoal pencils and graphite, pastel for background.

Image ref by kind courtesy of Brian Grossman (legalizeeverything in Deviantart).

These older pics below... which I've recently discovered in an old folder. I've no idea if I'm reposting these, nor about the reference image source of at least the first one (so I heartily thank whomever it was for helping me with these studies)

And this one, is a study after a Lucian Freud painting...(hard pastels, water-solubles) No idea about size, probably A3.