Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shape study of Michelangelo's ignudi

Michelangelo's ignudi in the Sistine Chapel... a breathless display of talent and wisdom bordering on  enlightenment. I've tried to only minimally indicate form (maybe I'll explore form in a later study), staying true to shapes through lines. I realized that every bump, every crease has a reason... a reflection of his deep knowledge of anatomy. I'd suggest (humbly) every aspiring figure artist (like me) to study these nudes... the experience is almost transcendental - its like you're transported across ages and geography to the nearness of that Master of masters, as if you're a mute witness, while his hands work through your clumsy limbs to describe these amazing shapes on paper.

All are on A3 size paper with Conte (water-color background for no. 2)

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