Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Digital Portrait Demo May '12

Digital Portrait Demo Video (14.29 mins), showing approx 26 mins of drawing. Software used: Mypaint 1.0.0.

Link to youtube  (Please view in FULL screen)

The finished version after another 10-15 mins of tinkering about.


  1. Very Loomis Like there ....In a VERY round~a~about PROSENJIT way...Nice to see your drawing , Lovely, Lovely!!!


  2. Sandra... the one with the magic brush! :) So wonderful to read your comment, thank ye thank ye! Yes, I'm entirely indebted to the late Mr Loomis, he taught me portraiture in 2008 (from the great beyond, through his books). I guess with time and practice you tend to modify your approach according to what suits you best. Now I tend to see the top hemisphere of the skull first, even though I start with a sphere. But I'm still far from recognizing the minutiae of the other features on a structural, or block level. Hey, I'm trying... :) and words such as yours are my inspiration!

  3. Awhhh ~Mr P ,Its easy to Love you .... I am just a beginner... you are much more skilled then this wannabe artist~ ....We all miss you deeply .....

  4. You're anything but... @ beginner! But I'll rest it at that for the moment :P BTW, since I can't seem to be able to comment on your main blog I left a comment on the other one - 'my drawing moments'. I'm truly inspired to see you completely immersed in your art course... wish I could attend something like that. I visited the atelier website and found your ecorche drawing in the student gallery - congrats! :)

  5. Hmm , thats Strange it wont let you its seems to be are always welcome to email me...if the dam Blog wont work ...but all is Good and thankyou Sen for saying that to me .very inspiring words to say the least ...yep that Drawing was pretty cool , my teachers are just Brilliant and have taken me in as one of their own ...There are many Paths to tread I get to the end of one , only to find another one beginning before me .....:)


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