Sunday, October 7, 2012

Horsey Figures - 3

Horses are people too :)

As stated in previous posts on horses, I do find a lot of similarity between drawing humans and horses. The proportional issues can be dealt with likewise, e.g. by using head length as unit for measurement, and the muscle/skeletal topography is quite analogous. In addition, its a pleasure to draw the great sweeping curves in horses, and try to depict the throbbing, restless sense of vitality.So here goes, a series of sketches made in the last few days...

All in A3 size paper, using conte, charcoal, pastels and watersoluble crayons/pencils. Ref images, unless otherwise stated, by Breathless-dk on deviantart. Please click to view at FULL size.



  1. I love em all !!! Not hard to love what u do though ...ah

    1. Aww... that is so nice of you Sandra :) Thank you!

      Btw, that's an awesome 'building-scape' in your blog (saying it here, because of my technical difficulties on commenting in the new blogger) - the brush strokes and the colors are just wonderful.

  2. Ha I'm not to sure about that but with humbling thanks !!! Your a sweetheart that's for sure .... Keep at them ..... Ah


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