Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Project: Fashion for Curvier Women

What you see below is a collaboration between myself and a dear friend. While the art/figure concepts were mine, the fashion part belongs to the friend. The entire series was painted digitally in 3-4 days time, hence the very sketchy, hurried feel to it. I was hard-pressed for time, as I was just about to leave for a 10 day trip (and was in the midst of making preparations), while the project also had to be submitted within a week. But this gave me an idea of the steep deadlines that fashion people must regularly adhere to.

As you can see, this is mainly a set showcasing western, Caucasian women. However, I'd have also loved to draw a variety of complexions and body shapes, as they all have their inherent challenges. Perhaps I'll do another set in the future, with a wider variety of subject representation. In any case, it was a wonderful learning opportunity on the challenges and delights of adorning the curvier women, and how to best represent her loveliness and persona - set in the everyday background of life.

I'm used to seeing women in sarees, which is a near-miraculous garment for camouflaging extremes of body shapes/sizes and bringing out the natural feminine grace to the best effect. Hence, seeing the western attire do the same for curvier women was a real eye-opener, and increased my respect for fashion designers working on this subject. Thanks for reading this far :)

Digitally painted (mostly using Mypaint 1.0.0) on preliminary conte underdrawings, which were photographed and thus digitized. The figures were drawn sans reference.





5. I had to literally compose and draw this in hours, on the very last day prior to my departure. I could've worked on this further, before posting it here... but I guess it has a raw, rough appeal as it is.

6. This, of course is a 'horizontally flipped' pair of no. 4 :)

7. I had misinterpreted the designer's instructions, and drew her in a day setting at first...

8. Later on, it was kind of fun changing day into night and catching her in headlights!


10. Back view of the design above.

Thanks for giving this a look/read :) Its different from the usual content of this figure blog, but I decided to post it anyway.

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