Friday, December 28, 2012

Male back in acrylic

11" x 13.5" on paper. I'm more inclined to study the female, whom I find more challenging to draw and paint, but I found in this ref an opportunity to study form.

Ref image by John K. (cable9tuba in DA)


  1. Oh yes ... Not bad at all ...nice work on handling those throbbing trapezius muscle ....impressive stuff ...

    And thankyou for the great thoughts ...on tutoring its scary but , Iv come along way and I think I can offer something to the beginner at least .... Thankyou for always believing in me !!! I totally am humbled by you .....

    1. Thank YOU!

      Regarding tutoring... oh not to worry at all, with your artistic skills and flair for communication, it'd be like a breeze. The first time I was asked to teach a workshop, I had jitters... but the moment I started to speak/babble, all fears dissolved :) I know yours would be a huge success... also, many wishes to you and your loved ones for a very Happy New Year!

  2. Naah not lately .... Bad thoughts bad ass drawing ... Sighhh it happens ... But thankyou for such faith !!


Thank you for your thoughtful opinion :)