Monday, February 25, 2013

Figure Workshop in mid-March

Penciljammers has kindly entrusted yours truly with conducting yet another Figure Drawing / Painting workshop (Demystifying the Human Figure) in mid-March. Three days is really insufficient to cram in the lot of info I aim to include in the course, but I hope it'll give pupils some pointers in the direction I've personally found useful. I'll begin with the basics of line and end with painting from the live model. There will also be a short lecture/demo on the basics of artistic anatomy and guidelines on portraiture (drawing and painting). For painting, I'll be using acrylics as medium of choice and also (with time permitting) touch upon color-mixing for skin color.

Hopefully it'll be an enjoyable affair for all concerned. I love visiting Bengaluru (Bangalore).


  1. Sounds like a Jam !!!! ;/) pardon the pun .... !!!! Nice to say hi to you ...

    1. And to you as well :) Yes, I guess it'll a jamming session after all, with all the pencils busily making visual music together. Thank you Sandra!


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