Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Posting an Old preliminary sketch

This is an old painting from 2011, which I thought I'd include in this blog. Its really a preliminary sketch for a planned final version on some future date :/

 I call it 'Vision' - 21" x 15", acrylic on canvas paper.


  1. Really love this !!! It's so cool!

    1. Thank you! :) I'm glad you appreciate it. Perhaps one day I'd paint a larger version on canvas.

  2. You should , it's very dream like to me ...beautiful work

    @ you saying that nice stuff about me .... I'm always being judged right , and for being me , down to earth bird that I am .... I'm also struggling with alot of internal stuff atm it happens ....hopefully ill come out from the other side ...


Thank you for your thoughtful opinion :)