Monday, October 7, 2013

Effervescent skills!

One full sheet (30" x 22") acrylic study on gessoed paper. I used reference for the figure, and put in an imagined face on her. I realize that brush skills come and go, and since I haven't been painting acrylic daily, mine seems to be always on the slide, and then its an up-hill climb all over again. My skills had recovered (some-what) by the time I was down to the legs, but I'm still far from a sense of control. I know its my drawing skills (which are up-to-date at present) which are helping mask my sliding brush skills :/

Btw, this one didn't have a charcoal underdrawing - I started by scrubbing some orange-brown paint on the surface, then drew the figure upon it in red ochre. Then I placed the highlights (roughly) and went on to block the darker background around the figure.

Please view in FULL SIZE, this is a fairly large upload showing the textures - thanks!

Ref image ('cept the face) by kind courtesy of Chamarjin in Deviantart.

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