Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Study of form in conte

A3, conte with some watercolor for background.

Reference study based on the work of photographer YmodeMilan in DA, under Fair Use guidelines... many thanks!


  1. Nice work , you capture the form really well .... Your a genius in my book !

  2. Aww... my dear friend, you say that only because you're biased in my favor :P But thank you so much! I have to respectfully (and humbly) disagree though :) I think I'm far, far from where I'd like to be at this stage. Would love to have some 'real' art education to fill up some of my experiential lacunae. Arrgh... if only these art schools would let me teach anatomy (or test me if I'm able to) in exchange of tution fees and stuff. Haha... that's probably never going to happen though :D

  3. Just tried commenting in your blog, but as usual the new blogger interface won't let me, ugh! Tried two browsers too, but to no avail. Anyway, it was in response to your most recent post... so here goes:-

    From the breathtaking improvement in your figure work in recent months, I find it hard to accept that you're not 'worth trying'. In my humble opinion, born of personal experience, self doubts about artistic ability arise just at the moment a big breakthrough is waiting just round the corner. You may not even realize when that comes, not until much later, but in weeks down the line it'd be pretty apparent to those following your work - just like it's apparent now from your current work.

    Having said that, sometimes... working intensely for a longish period on a particular genre of work, as in figure drawing/painting can blunt our edges a little (happens to the sharpest knives amongst us!), which is when we need to take a momentary vacation by trying out something else... that comes more easily to us. I know how good you are at your brushy still lives and colorful landscapes, perhaps its a part of your talent area that many of us wish to see more of. Why not do a few of those during your momentary 'figure vacation'? :)

  4. You have always been a doll of a man ... And your words here are so true , that jump is there but I'm not handling It all that well .... But glad to see such wise words and read your kindness


Thank you for your thoughtful opinion :)