Saturday, August 18, 2012

First figure try with gouache

My first figure attempt with gouache. Obviously, leaves much to be desired as I continue to struggle with this medium that I've just picked up. A few, non-figure works can be seen here, here, here and here (all still-lives).

I'm a little flummoxed by gouache - started on a cheap, beginner's set from Daler Rowney in which the colors are bright, but coverage power leaves something to be desired, esp the white one. But then, I don't blame the brand... I'm at least getting some idea about it owing to this set. I don't know what I was expecting... perhaps the opacity of acrylics? Well, I'm sure the artists or designers set from the same brand would be adequately opaque.

But, the problem/vexing issue is not really that - its about how the colors seem to change in value when it dries. The darker ones seem to get lighter, and the lighter ones darker! And seems like that is the nature of gouache itself, and I've to get used to it, and continue to paint with an eye to the near future, accommodating for value changes. Nevertheless, Its a wonderful medium for preparing quick color layouts of more definitive pieces you may have in your mind, with say acylic or oil.

9" x 12", on cold pressed watercolor paper.

 Ref image by Grace Lick (mum-stock in DA).  

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