Monday, May 27, 2013

Assorted sculpture study sketches

Assorted study sketches of various master works... mostly in charcoal on A3 pages... I've indicated the sculpture's creator in the image itself, wherever I could.

1. Vinayak Karmarkar's work never ceases to amaze me... its like he depicts figures in that very, ethereal instance when live human beings, as if by some magic, are turning into stone! Some text on him I wrote a number of years back...

2.  Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, another master I've come to admire very much..

3. En pénitence - unknown. That penitent kid (I noticed only while drawing) has feet of what could be a deer or goat. Regretfully, the allegorical/mythological aspect of this delightful work is something I've not yet looked up


5. Ref was small and burnt out

 6. The figure was so beautifully rugged, I decided to draw it accordingly

7. Another Karmarkar... not happy with this one :/ Also, her feet weren't visible in the ref, so I had to improvise.

8. The final form of this is in the previous post... wasn't really looking to make this into a finished drawing, just gathering as much information as I could for the subsequent paint layers.

9. The central figure is probably not part of sculpture study :|

10. Amazing sense of symmetry in this timeless work!

My heartiest gratitude to the various ref sources on the internet, wish I could thank them individually.

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