Monday, May 13, 2013

Study of St. Sebastian (updated)

A study of Bernini's Saint Sebastian. (UPDATED with a sketch below)

A3, charcoal, ref-based.

This is an initial, 'feeler' sketch...


  1. You are a God in this girls eyes .....always will be !!!

  2. Dear Goddess of kindness :) its very encouraging to meet the approval of artists such as you!

    Btw, I visited you blog and was greeted by the very happy news of a new arrival at your end :) that is a lusciously colored wee, beautiful baby... CONGRATS on both accounts!

  3. Awh .... Thankyou your a dear man ...and yes she's beautiful and I love her little fingers as they wrap around mine ..... Makes me realize I'm very blessed ....

    Oh I'm a no one Sen but cheers for the faith .... In this no one !!!

    1. The pleasure is ALL mine Sandra :) I guess you are @ blessed!! You have Alex and you have Layla, I'd say that's like being... double-blessed!! :D And on top of that, you have talent - its like an unbeatable trio :P Thanks again for stopping by my friend.


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