Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Unfinished... and I'm stuck :/

** UPDATE: finished version is here ***

I can't seem to progress further on this large-ish acrylic (final version of this one)... the inhospitable weather, plus other distractions discouraging me from picking up the brush. I'm drawing a lot though, almost mechanically one might say. Mostly ref-based, although I did a few still lives as well. Treated myself to a new set of watersoluble crayons - Cretacolor monolith. More or less okay, although the quality varies from one shade to another. The black seems to be the richest. I know this is a figure blog, but I'm also posting a SL sketch below.

This is on a 4ft x 3ft canvas, with acrylic. I have just 'inked' the charcoal drawing (see below) and roughly applied some paint, to see how it looks. Still a lo-ng way to go, and I'm stuck.

This is the initial charcoal drawing. I enjoy blowing up a drawing free-hand, it tests one's proportional drawing skills. The canvas has been pre-coated with blue-tinted gesso.

Lastly, the still life... no figure here, I'm afraid... just a boring vase with stuff. A3-ish size, watersoluble crayons/pencils. Yeah, I know... its not good, no excuses :/

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