Monday, October 24, 2011

A few new and old...

Combination of various recent and (a little) older studies...

Approx A3 size paper, graphite.
Ref image by John Peri (JohnPeri in DA)
Composite of sketches on A3 size paper, Conte pencil.
Ref from various sources: on the right: Etsakoi in DA;
in the middle: Dora23 in DA; on the left: couldn't trace :(

A3 size paper, conte pencil, pastel for BG.
Ref couldn't be traced, probably a pic in
Dailymail. This is an old sketch.
Approx A3 paper, mixed media: conte,
watercolor. Ref image by Lightinsidemyhead in DA
A3 size paper, conte with water-soluble
pencil BG. Ref image by Cable9tuba in DA.
A3 size paper, conte, water-soluble
pencil for BG. Ref by Kanani Whitt in DA.

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