Saturday, April 7, 2012

Voltaire's hand - cast ref study

A3, charcoal pencil, some graphite and conte (watercolor for background). Ref from Guist Gallery.


  1. Wow, very nice indeed Prosenjit. I tried to leave a comment on your toned paper post but cyberspace failed me. Your work is going from strength to strength and it's good to see you blogging.

  2. Tina, wow... what a surprise (and honor)! Thank you so much.

    My website is still my central exhibit, but I had to find a place with larger capacity and which will (more importantly) also allow me to show my figure studies - the net is surprisingly conservative about nudity and mixes up human anatomy with eroticism, or sex even (ugh!). I'm thankful blogger has a sensible policy on this. Great to see you :)


Thank you for your thoughtful opinion :)