Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Portraiture Construction Lines

This video shows the basic construction lines used in drawing a portrait, as per Andrew Loomis' guidelines. I posted this on wetcanvas, art website, in response to a query posted by member scoobydoo on how to get a likeness in portraiture. Software used to paint digitally - Mypaint, and to screencapture - Camstudio.

Direct link to Youtube (in case you can't see it full screen in here)

I'm thankful to the late, great Mr Loomis for his insight, to scoobydoo and her daughter (subject of the portrait, from pic kindly posted by scoobydoo), and to the orchestra (snippet played at the end of this video) - I have no idea who they are, and would love to learn and gratefully acknowledge if I could.

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