Monday, June 17, 2013

Upturned head study, plus more... (UPDATED)

**UPDATEI've added two more sketches to this post. Please see below.

1. Upturned head reference in windy, low-light conditions... too hard to resist a study! 11" x 13.5", acrylic on paper.

Ref by Dinesh Francis.

2. A3, Charcoal.Warrior poses during drama rehearsal of theater group Perch, Chennai.

3. Approx A3, Soft pastel, digitally finished. From same event as above.

Refs by Muralidharan Alagar.


4/5. A3, using a mix of conte, watersoluble pencils and watercolor. Sketches referencing a drawing event of PencilJam, Bangalore - visit to an ancient temple.

Refs by Dinesh Francis.


  1. Great looking head study and the figures look dynamic as ever your humans do .... :)

    1. ugh, at last..., couldn't comment for some reason, even though I was notified of yours. So good to hear from you Sandra, and thank you! :) Hope you are well.

  2. That's ok .... I've had Mr k keeping me busy here in the State of what the hell am I doing here !!!! Lol

    I'm very glad I got to look at ur work ....s


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