Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Studies on sculptures by V.P.Karmarkar

I've already posted the entire series of study work on my website. Here's a few of those, especially selected for the figure art gallery. These are studies based on the late, 20th C Indian sculptor V.P.Karmarkar, whose work I admire a lot. I went to live in his ancestral village of Sasawane, which is on the Arabian Sea coast and on the opposite side of my country (I live near the eastern coast of India). For a couple of weeks, I was studying his works, which are lovingly displayed in the Karmarkar Museum. I'm indebted for this opportunity to Sunanda Karmarkar, 81, the museum's Director and a most kind and gracious lady. She's also the daughter-in-law of the great sculptor.

20" x 12", acrylic on canvas paper

Same as above, a close up view

A3, inktense watersoluble blocks on paper

20" x 12", acrylic on paper

A3, watersoluble blocks on paper

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