Sunday, August 7, 2016


I continue to search for that essence of the drawn human figure. I'm not even sure what I mean by 'essence', except for a vague notion that its something that epitomises all that we look for in a study - proportion, balance, dynamics, structure/rhythm, shape, form, 'fleshiness', texture - in short, life! All in that single drawing, in a sort of visual culmination of years of learning and understanding.

These are mostly sketches on A3 paper, taking all or half of it, using a variety of materials e.g. conte, compressed sanguine clay, compressed charcoal, dry/watersoluble pastel etc. As always, I sincerely thank the photographers and models whose work I've referenced for my studies. Unless specifically mentioned, I have no way of knowing/acknowledging who they all are - but I'm grateful all the same. I'm also thankful to my viewers, who encourage me by dropping in regularly.

Studies of sculptures: the main figure is unknown,
the bottom right if of Earnest Barrias' Electricity

Reference by kind courtesy of livemodelbooks, from their low-res samples/previews

Reference by kind courtesy of Croquis Cafe or onairvideo

The search continues...

N.B - I'd gladly credit my unknown source refs, which have been so helpful in furthering my eduction. Please contact me if you know who they are.

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