Friday, April 19, 2013

Crouched man in acrylic, plus pencil preliminary

This is a largish (28" x 22") acrylic on paper. Palette (for the figure) - Burnt umber, burnt sienna, yellow ocher, scarlet lake, cad red hue, cad yellow light hue, prussian blue, and a little permanent rose (plus Titanium White, of course).

For the improvised background, I've used, from top to bottom -  Prussian and cerulean blue, some Teal I have in excess (and is looking for an opportunity to use), Yellow ocher, burnt umber and Titanium white.

Close ups...

The preliminary drawing in charcoal pencil

Ref image by John K. (Cable9tuba in DA).


  1. Hi, Prosenjit - so glad I happened upon your bog. This figure painting is excellent with wonderful skin tones and those hands and feet are awesome!

    1. Wow... Susan of the amazing airborne horses :D (if I may be allowed to say that) so wonderfully kind of you to drop by. Thank you!!

      I think, a deeper awareness of anatomy makes us see forms which are not otherwise noticed, making for a more believable study. And it can be an uphill (although fun-filled) battle to educate oneself more on that subject.


Thank you for your thoughtful opinion :)