Monday, October 24, 2011

How not to measure! (facial thirds)

Well I do this anyway, which is something I ought not to do, and use a pencil or a knitting needle instead. I know, I know...

Quick digital sketch with Mypaint: I did this for a lark for a friend who had queried what if there's no knitting needle (to measure facial thirds for portraiture) and the pencil (which can also be used likewise) was worn down to a mere stub. So I illustrated this easy to use, although somewhat inaccurate method to get the relative vertical dimensions of the face (see post below on the 'thirds' of the face).

Of course, one doesn't actually walk up to the model and measure on his/her face (that'd be a tad aggravating, I think)... there is a distance between the hand and the face.


  1. You made my day when you did this for me , thankyou I'm not sure I'll have all bad habits beat out of me SEn , but it's nice to know I'm not alone we are rebels in arms ! Always L Sandra

  2. Oh yess, I think I remember the convo now, thanks so much for mentioning it :) And for visiting as well.


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