Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sketches from 5.00 in the morning

The first is referenced from (the image of ) a work by the great, late Vinayak Karmarkar. Hard to believe that this is a statue poured in cement-mix! The second is from a Reuters pic of a cuffed Protestor. The phrase  beautiful rage comes to mind. I sketched it a couple of hours ago.
A3, conte pencil with conte sanguine BG

A3, conte carbone pencil. Inktense
water-soluble pencil for BG


  1. Prosenjit, two beautiful, beautiful works. The one from the sculpture looks like it has been done from real life but I specially love your drawing of the girl at the protest. Love it. Luicre

  2. All credit to the sculptor, Luicre! He's little known even outside his own province, let alone the world. And yet, to my mind, should be recognized along with the all time greats of the world.


Thank you for your thoughtful opinion :)