Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just uploading for the time being...

... am still looking for the reference sources, will add info as and when I find. The head is referenced from a picture of a plaster model.

1/4th sheet Canson pastel paper. White
conte and pastel. Ref source (pic of plaster
head) not yet traced.

A3 size, conte. Ref source not traced yet

A3, conte with pastel BG.
Ref image amdgfinearts in DA


  1. About Time you had a Blog!!!! Im so pleased you did this Prosenjit! I get to watch you for a change now : )

    Love S

  2. Love the head from the plaster!!!Great forms and values! Luicre

  3. Hi again, Luicre! :) Glad you like the plaster head study... I don't have much experience of drawing on dark paper.

    Hi Sandra, welcome! Well, my website is updated whenever I add something, so that's still the central source for all my activities. This will only be a storehouse of sorts for my figure studies, since I have limited storage in my website. Thank you for visiting :)


Thank you for your thoughtful opinion :)