Sunday, October 9, 2011

More Old stuff...

Flickr didn't allow me to post the first of these, which is weird since they do have lots of accounts posting nude figure drawings. When I contacted them and pointed out the anomaly they said they only act when someone points out an account to them. In any case I do understand and honor the need for the rule for some viewers, even though I think its adequate if you put up a suitable warning, as Blogger does. In Flickr's case they have options like Safe, Moderate and Restricted (I have no idea what's the difference between the last two), but choosing anything other than Safe makes your pics inaccessible to non-members. In any case, there are so many offensive contents on the internet (and I'm not just talking about carnal displays here), a few images of figure studies of unclad human beings is hardly one of those, especially when museums and galleries abound with paintings and sculptures of the nude. Anyway, that's my opinion - even though I'm not the only one. Michelangelo :) ran into similar issues when painting the Sistine Chapel.

57 cm x 18 cm Acrylic on paper
Ref image by Hippiestock in DA

A3 size, conte (black and sanguine)
No idea where this was referenced from :(

A3 size, Conte
Ref image by Hong Ly

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